God has A Special Place for you

David experienced the mighty hand of God at work in his life, he committed himself to worshiping God with fervor and joy. He was determined to do so and announced … Continue reading here


God has a sheltered place for us

Wars and battles are raging. Every day, we hear of the terror and sufferings men, women and children endure because of people’s inhumanity. As sad as it is, we must … Continue reading here


Our comfort in the Lord provides hope

It is no secret that one of the basic and most sought after needs of mankind is to be safe and secure. Men, women, boys, girls, the rich, and the … Continue reading here


Commit to Loving the Lord

My great apologies for not posting on the blog last week. I was sick and wasn’t even able to attend my classes. Monday evening, my dad had to rush me … Continue reading here